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Our staff has a variety of industry-recognized certifications and degrees

One of many ways that we aim to keep providing customers with the best possible service is our continued investment in the education and growth of our people. We only hire the most highly-skilled professionals, and continually train and keep them updated in the latest technologies so we can help you win and grow your business.

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Ali Avais is a seasoned Solution Architect and Consultant with extensive experience in software development, specializing in full stack development and project management. Based in Melbourne, he currently leads Nuclieos, focusing on innovative, client-centered technology solutions. Ali is known for his problem-solving capabilities and his dedication to enhancing customer experiences through technology. He holds a Master’s degree in Commerce and Information Technology from RMIT University.

Fahad Khalid Bhatti is a seasoned Solution Architect at Nuclieos, bringing a wealth of experience in IT consulting, project management, and software development. A graduate of the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Fahad excels in creating sophisticated web applications and enhancing business intelligence through cutting-edge technologies like ASP.NET, C#, and Python. His strategic vision and technical expertise have significantly contributed to advancing enterprise content and cloud management solutions.

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With decades of IT experience, our technicians, engineers, business consultants, help-desk professionals and account managers focus on your business and how we can help you achieve business success. With Nuclieos, you’ll have the personal touch and expertise of our team at your service. Contact us today for an initial consultation to learn how we can address your greatest IT needs.