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Boost Your Team’s Potential with Staff Augmentation: Access Top Talent to Supercharge Your Projects and Achieve Remarkable Results.

Streamlined Access to Top-Notch IT Talent

Connect with our rigorously screened IT professionals and effortlessly expand your team with the perfect skill set.


Discover Our Elite Tech Talent Pool

Business Analyst

Enhance your IT operations and processes with our expert business analysts, who identify opportunities and deliver tailored solutions to propel your business forward.



Employ seasoned software developers, engineers, and domain experts to construct resilient and scalable software systems tailored to your business needs.


QA Testing Engineers

Secure top-tier manual or automated QA test engineers, proficient in assuring software quality by addressing performance, functional, and other quality-related concerns.

UI/UX Designer

Craft captivating interfaces that engage and retain customers, ensuring an unparalleled user experience for your product or software.

Project Managers

Steer your software projects towards success with comprehensive product scoping, needs assessment, and functionality listing.

Software Architects

Collaborate with expert software architects to design and plan software systems, guaranteeing scalability, security, and maintainability.

DevOps Engineers

Enlist DevOps specialists to facilitate seamless integration and deployment of software systems through process automation and performance monitoring.

Data Analysts

Unlock valuable insights and solutions through big data analysis, providing reporting, visualization, and predictive intelligence to spur business growth.

Why Choose Nuclieos for Staff Augmentation Services?

IT staff augmentation is an economical solution for companies seeking to expand their team without the burden of traditional hiring. With Nuclieos, you can rapidly and conveniently recruit the IT professionals you need, free from the obligations associated with permanent employees.

Rapid Onboarding

Our quick turnaround time ensures that you have the IT professionals you need onboard in the shortest possible time.

Flexibility to Scale:

Our staff augmentation services allow you to adapt your team according to your business's growth, whether you need a single resource or an entire team.

Cost Efficiency

Our staff augmentation services provide a cost-effective solution to scale your team as your business expands.

Domain Expertise

We offer domain experts in various fields, including web development, quality assurance, IT project management, software architecture, data analysis, UI/UX design, and more.

Expertly Vetted Resources:

Our thorough vetting process guarantees that you receive the most qualified talent to address your needs.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly integrate our resources into your existing team, allowing for a smooth and efficient transition.

Freelancers vs Nuclieos Professionals

Navigating the freelance developer market can be daunting, with countless candidates possessing diverse skill levels. Finding a freelancer with the right combination of coding expertise and system-building abilities can be challenging and is never guaranteed.

On the other hand, working with our Nuclieos professionals ensures:

Working with freelance developers can have its drawbacks, including:

On the other hand, working with our Nuclieos professionals ensures:

3 Simple Steps to Hire a Resource with Nuclieos

Define your requirements

Share your resource requirements via our website form, including area of expertise, years of experience, tech stacks, and a brief about your company.

Discussion Call

Schedule a call with us to delve into your requirements and objectives for your technology resource.

Find the Perfect Match

Initiate a 5-day trial period with your new team member, ensuring a harmonious fit before committing long-term.

Tech Stacks We
Work With

The Stacks we work with are:

DevOps & Cloud Tools

Development Stacks

Business Intelligence

Quality Assurance & Testing

UI/UX Tools

Business Analysis

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